Think your a madd rad lesbian?

We'll be the judges of that.

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:::Welcome to MADDRADLESBIANS:::

This is a rating community for lesbians/FTM/MTF..whatever, however you are not rated just on your looks, you must have a good personality, and show that you want to be in this community. Don’t give bullshit 2 sentence answers to the questions. You need to promote people! How else do you want this community to be active? Please, don’t apply here if you can’t take some criticism, this is a rating community, but we wont be total douche bags to you like some other communities. You may post just about anything you want, but no quizzes & surveys. Unless, you post a survey that you want the other members to answer to get to know them better.

&&& Most of all have fun & PROMOTE YOUR ASS OFF, no one likes a dead community

There are 2 auto accepts left you must still do the application & promote!!!!

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[1] You must be at least 15 to join.
[2] All applications must be put under an LJ Cut - if you don't know how to do that, refer here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
[3] You must fill out and post the application within 48 hours of joining-If you dont you will be removed & you can try again later
[4] You may not post in the community or comment on any post until you are stamped. You may only comment on your application post - responding to comments made on your post only.
[5] DO NOT be rude or make smart ass comments to the members. That will only get you rejected.
[7] Put "Ladies is pimps 2" in the subject line so we know you read the rules.
[8] If you get rejected the first time, you may reaply but with new answers to questions.
[9] Partial nudity is okay but it must be behind an lj-cut & give a heads up.
[10] Absoloutly NO links to pictures. We won't click them, it'll annoy us, and you'll get rejected. If you don't know how to post pictures refer here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=6

Rules for accepted members

[1] Stay active. This will be proven by how often you vote on applicants. If you're not active enough you'll be warned, if you don't change your ways - you'll then be removed and have to re-apply. If you are going to be inactive for an extended amount of time with a reason, please notify the mods or leave a post.
[2] The community is based on not only looks but personality as well. Be honest but don’t be an asshole & make the applicants want to curl up under a desk & have a seizure.
[3] When voting please give a reason as to why you are voting yes or no. ALSO put yes or no in the subject line! It makes tallying the votes A LOT easier.
[4] Promoting is allowed, but under an LJ cut & for every promotion in this community you must promote us somewhere as well.
[5] Try to post pictures and other stuff as much as possible! We love hearing from our members and getting pics in.

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</a>Remember when you promote maddradlesbians has 2 d's not one,and we will check the promo's

The Basics:

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Promote & show us the links:

4 to 8 please. We don't need to see 20, save some for other entries.

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