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Ladies is pimps 2!

The Basics:

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Name: Lycia
Age: 17, 18 in may :D
Location: just outside of Boston
Gender(female/FTM/MTF..etc) female
Sexual preference: I consider myself open sexually. I’m up for anything when it comes to love. Im sexually attracted to boys, girls, and trannies rock my world <3
Status: taken <3
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Hobbies/Interests: photography, walks with my camera and taking random pics, exploring weird, cool, random places with friends and cameras, psychology, forensics, forensic psychology lol, shopping, partying ( I don’t drink or do drugs though), dancing and singing (horribly, might I add!), learning, debating, having intelligent conversations, watching people play video games, wasting time on lj and myspace haha, eating, food, going into Boston, music, going to concerts, etc., etc.
Bands: backstreet boys (yep!), nickelback, SOAD, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mariah Carey, Anna Nalick, Alanis Morisette, Panic!, The Dresden Dolls, so many more
Movies: Constantine, Benny and Joon, Underworld (both), Saw (both), The Devil’s Rejects, Fight Club, Anchorman, many more
TV shows: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Prison Break, Conan O’Brien, Oprah, etc.
Drink: Diet Caffeine Free Coke with a lemon in it
Food: cheese, mac n cheese, salad
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Prettiest/Favorite member & why: Jenna! She’s so purdy :D
How did you find out about this community?: Jenna
Pet peeve's: stupid people, ignorant people, people content in their ignorance, racists, homophobes, bigots, elitists, people who chew with their mouth open this ( ) wide, people who only have nasty things to say, liars, phonies, people who brag about stupid shit, etc.
Tell us more about you: I’m graduating high school in a month! Next fall I’m going to an all girls college (could be heaven, could be hell) to study forensic psychology. I hope to work with criminals in mental institutions or in jails someday or as a criminal profiler. I want to have a family someday, have a couple of my own and adopt too. I love tattoos, haven’t got any yet, I’m turning 18 in a month and I’m getting my first on my birthday! I plan on getting a lot of tats. I’m shy when you first get to know me but then once I’m comfortable I’m crazy! I’m fun and weird. I don’t like a lot of people because the school I go to has an extremely large population of bimbos. Talk about annoying. Yea so I wrote a lot. That’s me!
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:Opinions On:

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Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are sad, especially because people make fun of them so much when so many people don’t realize how much of a problem they really are and how hard it is to deal with. It’s something that you can’t control, just like cancer. Do we make fun of people with cancer? I certainly hope not. I’m guilty of making fun of it, most of us are, but it’s still not right. Something that people don’t realize is that overeating is an eating disorder too. I’m a binge eater. I don’t purge though so I’m not bulimic. But it is extremely hard because I keep gaining weight. Luckily I have a fast metabolism and I don’t get huge but I’m not healthy because I eat so much. People don’t see that as an eating disorder but it really is.
Abortion: I think that it should be legal but should not be used as a method of birth control. It should be used circumstantially. If the mother or baby is in danger abortion should be an option. I’ve actually been in the situation of having to choose. I chose to have an abortion because there were issues that put my life and the baby’s life at risk if I had kept it. People shouldn’t judge people who have had abortions unless they have had to choose. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and recovery sucks!
Religion: I don’t believe in organized religion. I don’t belong to a religion, I’m agnostic because I do believe in a higher power but not a certain religion.
Drinking: I don’t drink because drugs etc. have hurt my life in the past and I just want to stay away from anything of the sort. It’s really sad when people’s lives are ruined by drugs and alcohol. I have seen first hand how it can affect a life. I’ve seen people’s lives go right down hill. It’s sad.
Drugs: ^ see above
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4 to 8 please. We don't need to see 20, save some for other entries. + One 150x150 pic.

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The college I’m going to in the fall

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With my “little” brother haha

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