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The Basics:

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Name: Michelle
Age: 16
Location: New Jersey
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Lesbian
Status: Taken
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Hobbies/Interests: Playing the drums, sewing, knitting, writing stories/poetry, learning (anything and everything)
Bands: Well, my default favorite is The Distillers, but I've recently become more indie so now it's more artists like Regina Spektor, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Architecture in Helsinki, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. (:
Movies: Oh, I don't even know. Pirates of the Caribbean, I guess (because I just saw that). Oh! And Unveiled is a really good movie, very sweet. So is Saving Face (both about lesbians). Some movies I will always watch if given the chance are: Grease, Spirited Away, Garden State, Mermaids, and Dogma. (How's that for eclectic?)
TV shows: The L word. xD
Drink: I like iced tea. ^_^ And also there's an Indian drink called Mango Lussi that's really good.
Food: All kinds. Everything. I really like Baklava (or however it's spelled), a Turkish desert.
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Prettiest/Favorite member & why: Cuntnazi. Because, you know.... she's pretty.
How did you find out about this community?: Community search of "Lesbian". ^_^
Pet peeve's: Extremely poor grammar and spelling, people who abandon their own self image just to make others happy/look cool.
Tell us more about you: I go to a school for smart kids, so I guess you could say I'm intelligent. I'm in a highschool-pre-med program, aiming to be a medical researcher or chemist or something like that. And at my school I work as a sound technichian (one of four lesbians on the tech crew!) and I'm the leader of a Gay-Straight Alliance. Since I work during the school year, now that it's summer I'm not working or doing anything. Trying to go to the gym to be healthy. I'm actually supposed to be at the gym right now! o:
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:Opinions On:

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Eating Disorders: Sad and too highly sensationalized, especially by the media. They're not cool, and you shouldn't pretend to have one. It's dumb. (:
Abortion: I'm quite honestly still not sure on this one.
Religion: If it works for you, that's great. ^_^ Believing in something isn't the worst thing you could do.
Drinking: I guess for partying it's alright, just don't let your whole life become a party, 'cause then you're just a drunk! (: I don't really think underage drinking is cool, either.
Drugs: No, please. Pot is okay, because it's just a nice, happy drug. But I don't even remotely understand all other drugs and peoples' desires to take them.
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http://www.xanga.com/sexe_coquette (Friday, July 14th 2006)
http://you-were-right.blogspot.com/ (Friday, July 14th 2006)


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