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The Basics:

♥ ♥ ♥
Name: Jan
Age: 20
Location: Washington, DC
Gender(female/FTM/MTF..etc) Female
Sexual preference: Pansexual, lover of all.
Status: happily taken for the last 2 and a half years
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Hobbies/Interests: Travel!! Italy, Art History, Museums, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, horror movies, Rome, Classical art, singing, gay rights, preserving a women's right to choose, activism
Bands: Indigo Girls, Queen, Eric Clapton, Erin McKeown, Flogging Molly, Styx, Elton John, Greenday-pretty eclectic
Movies: My favorite movie of all time will always be The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then comes the Dead Quadrilogy (Night, Dawn, Day, Land of the Dead), Tipping the Velvet, Cube, Gladiator, The Shining, Boys Dont Cry, A league of Their Own, Saw, and every other horror movie ever made!
TV shows: Super Nanny, Big Love, L Word, Clean Sweep, The Simpsons
Drink: Non alcoholic: water, Alcoholic: Absinthe
Food: corn dogs, Rome's pizza margherita, Mexican food of all kinds
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Prettiest/Favorite member & why: so_infrangible - your eyes are amazing, and are overall so beautiful.
How did you find out about this community?: I saw the promotion on Lez_sex_tips.
Pet peeve's: People who knock things before trying them, and closed mindedness.
Tell us more about you: I have a wonderful girlfriend, Mac, who is the light and love of my life. I am studying political science at American U, and am a junior there. Art History fascinates me. I will do almost anything for a thrill...the scarier, the better! I am very independent, but prefer to be around people. Drag Queens will never cease to amaze the hell out of me. Lastly, my philosophy on life is a quote from The Rocky Horror Picture Show - "Give yourself over to absolute pleasure" -Frank N Furter (<3)
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:Opinions On:

♥ ♥ ♥
Eating Disorders: It is so very sad when girls in our society are pushed to starve themselves to death. I lost a friend of mine when she was only a sophomore in HS to an eating disorder. Her heart just became too weak. I hate our society for promoting the ultimate form of beauty as being skin and bones.
Abortion: I am a huge advocate for a women's right to choose. I have spent many hours working to protect this right. Coming to college, I got to meet wonderful women that had abortions in their lives. They have shown me the importance of choice, seeing that their lives would have been ruined if they had carried and given birth. The choice whether or not to have an abortion should be the decision of a woman and her God, doctor, partner, family, friends, But by no means between her and the government.
Religion:I have done much searching in my life, and have come to the decision that there is not a god. That does not mean that I will not continue searching for the ultimate truth, however. As far as religion in general - it is a good thing up to a point. When it becomes extreme, however, people start to get hurt. To be truthful, I find myself jealous of people who are strong believers in god. I wish that I could have someone like that to put all my trust in and who always watched over me. I just cant bring myself to have faith.
Drinking: I love to be drunk. But certainly not on an unlhealthy level. I will be moving to Europe one day, and the drinking age there is 18. I agree with the law for these countries but not ours. Because we are a society in which everyhing is taken in excess, I think the results of a lowered drinking age would be disasterous and overall harmful.
Drugs: I would never do dangerously addicitve ones, they are too harmful to the body - especially when done over and over.
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