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The Basics:

♥ ♥ ♥
Name: Ali
Age: Nineteen
Location: The great diverse state of Montana! (That's was sarcasm)
Gender(female/FTM/MTF..etc): Female
Sexual preference: I am totally and completely gay.
Status: Single and dating.
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Hobbies/Interests: Music (playing and listening), film, literature, writing, art, tornadoes, existentialism, alternate Realities, ghost hunting, religion, gender and sexuality.
Bands: Le Tigre, Gravy Train!!!!, Northern State, Tegan and Sara, Broken Social Scene, The Shins, The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, The Faint, The Blood Brothers, Iron and Wine, Kings of Convenience, Elliott Smith, Devendra Banhart
Movies: High Art, Me and You and Everyone We Know, But I'm A Cheerleader, Happiness, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Life Aquatic, Election, Rushmore, Legends of the Fall, the Squid and the Whale, Children Underground, Waking Life
TV shows: South of Nowhere, Campus Ladies, Strangers With Candy, Reno 911, the Colbert Report, The L Word, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Drink: Alcoholic? Whiskey coke. Non alcoholic? Strawberry milk.
Food: Indian food. Or mashed potatoes.
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Prettiest/Favorite member & why: delilahsrevenge. Am I sucking up to the moderator? Yeah, maybe a little. But she is super hot, and I like her style.
How did you find out about this community?: I think I saw it promoted somewhere. Or something.
Pet peeve's: Strangers who are really mean for no reason (this doesn't include LJ communities. the internet doesn't count.) People who are consistantly really, really late. Fake people. Politicians who care more about raising enough money for their next campaign than actually doing something to make the world a better place (so, pretty much...every politician.)
Tell us more about you: I'm a musician, a recovering drug addict/alcoholic, I have way too many friends (if that's possible) and no enemies, I've been told by an oracle that I am going to play an important role in the end of the world. True story. Also, I'm an honorary cub scout.
♥ ♥ ♥

:Opinions On:

♥ ♥ ♥
Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are so incredibly sad. I can really sympathize with eating disorder victims. When I was in rehab, I made two of the best friends I've ever had in my life and they were both bulimic. I've actually thought about becoming an eating disorder counselor.
Abortion: I wrote, like, a fifteen page paper on abortion when I was a junior in high school. And now I don't know what to say. Ha. I'm definitely pro-choice. Abortion is sad, but no one has the right to say what a woman can or can't do to her own body. ESPECIALLY MEN. Such as the president.
Religion: Religion is fascinating. Not really for me, though. I used to be a super Christian. I led my church's praise band and was a leader in the youth group. Then the music coordinator at my church got fired because she was a lesbian and my family left the church because of it. I didn't stop believing in a higher power, and I still don't think Christianity is a bad thing, but a lot of Christians really suck. I'll leave you with these words of wisdom...Jesus Christ was a badass, though not the only badass in history.
Drinking: Is really fun. But as I stated before, I'm an alcoholic. So I don't do it anymore. I'm involved with AA. Most of my friends drink, though, and I certainly don't judge them for it.
Drugs: I'm going to go with the same answer as above, except replace AA with NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
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Promote at least twice (excluding your info) and show us the links:


I couldn't do the 150x150 pic right now, but I promise I will if I get accepted.

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